fuck this shit

*cries inside*

I literally just wrote a whole page on how awesome Minos is.

Feels good to help out a friend.

I have my Oxford interview tomorrow.

Just going to go puke a few times to relieve my anxiety.

Shortlisted for further consideration :D

Check out my brother’s tumblr! half-c4stle


Sad to have missed what would have been my last John Colet Day, it would have been something special. 

Sweet Berry Wine: THIS is a game of "Who the fuck are you?"


  • Name: Dominic
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 169 cm
  • Weight: 141 lbs.
  • Relationship Status: taken
  • Birthday: october 15
  • Favorite Color: Pale Blue
  • Favorite Band: Tame Impala/New Manhattan/The Klaxons
  • Last Song Listened To: Mac Demarco - Freaking out the Neighbourhood
  • Favorite Movie: 5 year engagement
  • Last Movie Watched: Hop (not proud)
  • Favorite Book: The great gatsby
  • Last Book Read: The bell jar
  • # of Siblings: Uno
  • # of Pets: Two pointers 
  • Best School Subject: Physics
  • Mac or PC: prefer PC
  • Cell Phone Type: HTC
  • Current Shirt Color: Navy Blue
  • Gamer?: Somedays
  • Day or Night: night
  • Summer or Winter: winter
  • Most Visited Website: Tumblr
  • Celebrity Crush: meh

I think that I’m really starting to enjoy being in Trinidad. Having a fresh start really feels so good. Even if things go pear-shaped at any point, I’ll only be here for a year.

From today I’m not really going to be tumbling for a few days…or weeks. See you all soon.

Can I ask a massive favour? :3



For a school project, I’m making a documentary on how people associate with political parties. 

As part of it, I’m running a survey with a few short questions on how interested people are in politics. If you could fill it in by clicking on the link above (it’ll take 5 minutes absolute maximum) I’ll be eternally grateful. 

Signal boosting would also be brilliant ^^

Thank you! :) x 

Help her out, guys! It’ll take like no time at all!

Well that was kind of unannounced